Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Satisfactory Meal - Part I

I've been busy the whole of yesterday morning, preparing my Saturday lunch. Managed to cook a soup, plus fried beehoon(rice vermicelli), and some delicious 'fried' chicken wings.

After looking at the black bean soup from Ching's blog, it brought back some good old memories. So I bought some lotus root to make this familiar soup.

These wings are prepared using Zu's recipe. They are actually baked using the oven, making this a healthier version of the usual deep fried version. But these are just as crispy, with the advantages of being easy to prepare and no 'aftermath' to clean up after all the deep frying.

Of course I couldn't miss out the main course, otherwise the hubby's stomach would not be 'filled up'. Here is my first attempt at frying beehoon. This recipe is special in a way that it requires soaking the dry beehoon in a seasoning liquid containing soya sauces until soft. Then it's fried in the usual way, and thereby achieveing a lovely and even brown color.


Sichen said...

Hi I stumbled upon your blog and I love all the dishes you prepared and cakes you made. However, as I was looking back at your archives, they are of a different layout. Is it because you only republish index whenever you pen an entry and did not republish the whole blog? Just wondering...

Angie said...

Hi Sichen,

Thanks so much for the reminder. Yes, I forgot to republish the whole blog after I changed my template recently. It's fixed now. Thanks a lot!

LittleHands said...

Angie, the beehoon looks good. I love crispy chicken. I've tried Zu's recipe but failed. Do you leave yr oven door slightly ajar? Actually, is it on 'bake' or 'grill' mode (both modes I've also tried and still fail lah)? TIA!

gattina said...

I've tagged you for another Meme... see if you like to play.

Angie said...


Thanks for the compliment. For the chicken, it's actually in Bake mode at 200C, door closed fully. I don't use the grill till the last 5-10 minutes, otherwise it'll burn in no time. By saying 'fail', you mean the wings were undercooked or they are not crispy?

Gattina, I got it, will play when I think it through ;p

LittleHands said...

Angie, thks for the explanations :-). Next time I'll try your method. The wings got flour spot on them and doesn't seem crispy at all even after quite a long time. So in the end, I took them out and fry them in the wok.

Angie said...

Jolene, you're most welcome.

I took about 20 mins for each side if I use the wing part only, for the whole chicken wing, about 30 mins on each side, but also depends on your oven. Also remember to shake off excess flour after coating, I find it helps in reducing the flour spots.

Hope it helps :)