Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Meme - 5 Things To Eat Before You Die

I've been tagged by my lovely pal, Gattina (who takes some very stunning food photographs), for the above meme, which originated from The Traveler's Lunchbox. It took me some time to gather my thoughts and I came up with the list below:

1) Durians - a thorny fruit which begets an equally thorny relationship with many people. You would either love it or hate it. For myself, it's love all the way. Take a look here at the tropical King of Fruits.

2) Cheesecake, like this

3) Egg tarts - specially the ones from Hongkong, where the pastry literally flakes apart on the first bite and the egg custard melts on the tongue.

4) Pasta - linguine, spaghetti, farfelle or fusilli, take your pick. Pair it with a rich meaty bolognaise sauce or simply some good olive oil for a satisfying meal.

5) Lastly, a good loaf of bread to round it off.

I would like to tag my friends for this :)

1) Grace

2) Ellena


Gracio said...

Heyoz Angie! Oke! Will think thru' and play. hehe! :) Thanks angie! Hugz!

Gracio said...

Heyoz Angie! thanks for tagging me, will have to think thru 1st. Hehe, huggies! :)

Ellena Mummy said...

Thanks Angie for tagging me... WOw....5 Things To Eat.... Em... must really think.... :)

Precious Moments said...

did i hear durian and cheesecakes????? shiok!

gattina said...

somehow I always think durian and cheese have something in common... and yes, people either love or hate it (or them) to death!
I was thinking to pick linguine and country bread too... but since I've been eating them almost everyday, so... and darn! how could I miss egg tart!!!
Btw, not sure if you like to add the link of Travelers Lunchbox in your post, and/or you can send your list to her, so that she'll consolidate all our choices (... what next I don't know, hehee...). No one tells me how to play her meme, but after I clicked on her comment box then got some ideas... I hope ?!?!?!...

Angie said...

Grace, Ellena, hope you have fun :)

Edith, *high-five*. Both are my favourite too!


I'm missing the egg tarts from HK too!

I've edited the post to include the link to The Traveler's Lunchbox.