Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Practice Practice Practice

I made some french bread dough to practice my bread shaping skills. The Bread Baker's Apprentice is a truly good bread book, in my opinion. It has several pages on how to shape doughs into aesthetically beautiful rustic breads. Mine are far from beautiful, that's why I have to practice, practice and more practice.

Various shapes

Tabatiere - french for pouch

French Epi - wheat stalk , not very well done, so dare not show the full stalk. For a beautifully shaped epi, check out Gattina's, makes me so envious.


Eva said...

i guess your bread's shape is so beautiful enough la.....

Gracio said...

hehe, angie, i feel like eating one from the screen already... :P

practice makes perfect ya? Aiyo, I feel urs already quite good already... :)

Angie said...

Eva, Grace,

Thanks for your kind words. Guess I can be a little 'obsessed' at times, just want to get it right, especially for breads *lol*

diddy said...

I think your breads look beautiful! I bet they taste wonderful too!

Precious Moments said...

hehehe great to hear that your baking mood is back. How is your cough? All gone?

Angie said...

Thanks Diddy :)


Guess it's difficult for me to stay away from my beloved hobby for too long, keke..

Still coughing away, especially at night. I take a long time to recover from coughs, that's why I hate to 'catch' one. Recall your DH also caught a cough/sore throat. Is he better?