Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Mini Break

Here it is, my last bake for Chinese New Year - Muesli Clusters. Actually I don't really know how to name it, because the basic recipe is Connie's Melting Moments, and then I 'borrowed' Ginny's idea of adding in muesli. Both Connie and Ginny are members of KC, who produces some really great bakes and pictures.

These little cups may not look fantastic in the pic, but I must say they taste really good. The cookie part simply melted away in the mouth, leaving behind the oat/wheat flakes and dried fruits to chew on. I contemplated adding cornflakes initially, but then I found a packet of muesli (which I've almost forgotten). That's the story behind these little cups, which combined the richness of butter cookies with the goodness of muesli mix - best of both worlds.


Close-up shot

Before I end off this post, I just want to let you guys know that tonight I'll be heading off to my in-laws' place in Ipoh, Malaysia for the Chinese New Year. Otherwise I think I'll still be baking up a storm :) I'll be back next Wednesday. So till then, happy baking, cooking and blogging. And to those who are celebrating Chinese New Year,



Fonia said...

Hmmm... They look so delightful! Yum yum

Thanks for visiting my blog and I will be your regular visitor! Hope you wouldn't mind I link yours in mine. See you on blog soon!

May you & your family have enjoyable CNY holiday in Ipoh! GONG XI FA CAI... ;)

Ivonne said...

What a delicious idea! Thanks for sharing ...

Tazz said...


Angie said...

Fonia, I'll be more than happy to see you visiting regularly. I'll be going to yours for more ideas as well :p

Ivonne, you're welcome.

Tazz, Happy Chinese New Year to you too!