Saturday, February 04, 2006

Back to 'Work'

Hello everyone! I'm back! Hope you had a wonderful Chinese New Year. Today is the 'mid-point' of the 15 days of CNY, hope you will enjoy the remaining 8 days. Oh, today is "Ren Ri", which means it's everybody's birthday. Happy Birthday!

Here is my first post for the Year of the Dog. My hands have been itching since the day I left for Malaysia, so I can't wait to get my mixer and oven working again.

Made a loaf of bread, as usual, my favourite. I'm experimenting with the shaping of bread, so pardon me if they don't look very nice. This is a Sundried Tomato Braid, using a simple straight dough method.

When slicing it, an idea came to me when I saw some mozarella cheese sitting in my refrigerator. So I slice the loaf thinly, sprinkle some cheese and toasted them till crispy. This makes a pretty good appetizer.


Tazz said...

Back to "Work"? Me plan to rest! *lol* Find that you like to bake only! :P

Angie said...

Eve, you are quite right. I'm not really into preparing main meals, more of a baking person ;p
Rest? You are going to take a break?

Fonia, I saw your comment on my email, but it didn't show here, not sure why also??

Fonia said...

No worries, it's okie! Ya... That day I posted my reply on my blog but didn't show too. So I've to repost again! *Grrr* I think BLOGGER's Server 'Kee Siow' (goes crazy)... *Lol*

adeline said...

finalli saw ur masterpieces.. realli look gd n taste nice! must invite mi over if got food hor :P

Angie said...

Adeline, so coincidence! I was visiting your livejournal at abt the same time. Will let you know when I next cook a feast :)