Friday, June 23, 2006

This Blog is Closed

Temporarily I mean.

I will be leaving Singapore tonight for a short training in Europe. This trip will cover Denmark, Sweden and London, so you won't see and hear from me for a fortnight. Thanks for visiting and in the meantime, hope my archives will keep you busy, or visit the talented food bloggers in my Frequent Huants. See you in two weeks' time and



Ellena Mummy said...

Wish you all the best Angie.. and have a pleasant trip.... Enjoy and take care

SeaDragon said...

Wow, Europe, have a safe trip and hope you enjoy your time over there :)

jadepearl said...

Pleasant trip and safe journey! Take lots of photos, OK?

evan said...

hey angie, hope you had a good trip. must be tiring, no? do tell us more when you're back. and yes, lotsa pics too ya? =)

by the way, i was trying to find a recipe for grissini, but apparently i signed up with kitchencapers, they said will send me a mail for confirmation but didnt. so ended up i cant login. do you think you can be a dear to provide the recipe? i really wanna try that. thanks!

Angie said...

Ellena, SD, Jadepearl, Evan, thanks for your kind wishes. I just got back this evening.

Evan, check out the following link. This is the same recipe as in KC, from Eric Treuille

evan said...

angie, you're back!!!! welcome back, hope u had a good trip :) :) :) we missed you!

thx for the recipe angie. however this is the one i saw in other sites as well. and i didnt make it coz i dunno where i can get malt extract and semolina. are they both available in phoon huat or? for malt extract izit the same thing as using horlicks? so sorry for the questions. take yr time to reply, no hurry. thx!

Angie said...

Evan, thanks for your welcome.

Sorry I forgot to mention my substitutions. Replace the malt extract with honey. Dissolve the honey in water (step 1), then sprinkle the yeast and proceed as per recipe. I've never used malt extract, but don't think it's the same as Horlicks.

As the semolina is only used to line the baking tray, you can line the tray with parchment, or grease it. But semolina can also add a slight crunch to the base. It's avail in PH or even Cold Storage.

evan said...

oooooooo ok, thx for the englightenment! how come u know can replace malt extract with honey? and the semolina is only to add a crunch to the base? u r really smart =) in that case i don't think i'll get semolina. thx dear! hope u update on yr trip soon. take care~

Angie said...

Evan, I've read in some recipes that honey can be used to replace malt extract.
In rustic-style breads, semolina is often used to line the baking tray, in order to 1)aid in sliding the bread ontoo a baking stone, 2)give it a rustic look and 3)add some crunch. I'm not smart lah, just gather info from books and websites.