Sunday, October 15, 2006

World Bread Day

Yes, tomorrow is World Bread Day. I couldn’t miss out the chance to participate in this event, hosted by Zorra of Kochtopf. Actually I had never participated in blogging events like Sugar High Fridays, but when Rene(thanks a million, Rene!) informed me of this event, I couldn’t miss the chance to talk about my favourite food – bread!

I guess my blogger friends would have known by now that I am a major bread addict(I jokingly call myself MBA), baking bread at least once a week, and that would usually be my breakfast loaf for the week. I do not have actually have a favourite bread, though I have a favourite category, which is rustic style breads, those with a crusty exterior paired with a chewy crumb, best eaten dipped into some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, or served with some nice cheeses. That, to me, is an enjoyment.

I was debating what bread to bake for this event. Since I am from Singapore, should I make some Asian style buns, which are usually very soft breads that encase a sweet(eg custard) or savoury(like sausage) filling? Or stick to my favourite kind of breads, which generally takes more time to prepare due to the long fermentation times? I chose the latter(no surprises here huh?)

Here is what I made for this event - Rosemary Focaccia.

I have made this Italian Bread previously. This time, I chose to shape it into a foccacia – Italian flatbread. To make it more interesting, I chose to ‘plant’ something into this flat ‘dough field’ - like this.

Here's the kind of crumb which fascinates me

It had been fun baking this bread and now, writing about it. There will be a round up of all the entries submitted to Zorra on 17th October. I can’t wait to see an ‘international’ basket of breads from various parts of the world.


zhengning said...

Hey there!

The bread you baked looks interesting! especially after 'planting' something on it. haha. What's that actually? Curious* :)

Sounds fun participating in blogging events!

WhItE_PoPlAr said...

Angie, lovely bread you have there! :) I am sure it tastes great great great! :)

Gracio said...

angie!! i wanna be home soon! nex time u make bread call me hor,i will be the 1st at ur doorstep! hehe... Waa, i like the way ur bread turns out, and oso the way u 'deco' the bread too! :)

^cherie said...

*faint* I lurve bread too, all kinds, no joke but unfortunately, bread making is not my forte no matter how closely i followed the recipe.

Be my shifu pls!! :P

Anonymous said...

Facaccia with rosemary is one of my favorite... yours looks delicious!

Angie said...

Zhengning, that's the herb - rosemary :)

White_Poplar, thanks! Rosemary makes the bread taste even better :)

Grace, you'll be back , counting down sia, hee.. I'll ring your doorbell when I have my bread ready *wink*

Sherie, aiyo, why faint? Keke.. me not qualified to be shi-fu,if you need any recipes let me know, I'm sure you can bake a good loaf of bread too :)

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Ooo, bread! The last time I tried banana bread it became a cake. Haha. anyways angie, the stall in Tiong Bahru selling onde onde issit beside the escalator?

Rene said...

Angie, so glad you are participating in the event! Aww... your bread looks simply delicious!

gattina said...

Hip hip hurray Angie!!! I totally fall in love with your focaccia, it looks good entirely from inside out! No one can resist it esp it just out of the oven!

LittleHands said...

Angie, the bread texture looks so good - better than the last time one, right? A BIG thumbs up for the deco. To me, I find it makes the bread looks very appealing!

D said...

I love it how your rosemary looks like it's growing out of the bread. I don't normally make fancy-looking breads like these because I take the easy way out and use a bread maker hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, your focaccia really looks so light and lovely. I love how you 'plant the the rosemary into them. It looks so pretty. Btw, are you a member of Kitchen Capers? Do you know how can I be one?

Angie said...

Hey YD, I've answered your qn on the stall at your blog :)

Rene, must thank you instead. If not for you, I wouldn't have made this bread.

Gattina, thanks for your cheers :) You know me well, I pinched off one corner as soon as it was cool enough for my hands, hee..

Jolene, thanks!

D, arh.. breadmachine, a useful tool to have. Mine's the easy way too, knead with a mixer, just do the deco, hahaha..

Hi ya Jacelyn, thanks for your kind words.
Yes, I am a KC member.
Currently Gina(owner of KC) accepts new members based on recommendations by registered members. If I'm not wrong, the person should be someone he/she knows personally. But if you are really interested in joining, you could drop Gina an email and let her know. Hope this helps.

^cherie said...

Angie, faint because your bread is too nice looking already! I did try baking rosemary foccacia before, gosh, it didn't look like that at all *lol*

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie
Read about your world bread day ...interesting!
Nice foccacia ....

Regards from Cecily

Angie said...

Aiya Sherie, don't faint anymore, not good leh ;p. Thanks for your kind words.

Cecily, thanks for visiting :)

Brilynn said...

My attempt at foccacia was a horrible flop... that's what happens when you forget to add the yeast.. ugh!
I have since redeemed myself.

Angie said...

Hello Brilynn, thanks! Don't we all have our silly moments in the kitchen? :P

Bonnie said...

MMM I love foccacia, you'rs looks perfect!

Angie said...

Thanks Bonnie!