Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Usual

What can be more 'usual' for me than a loaf of bread? Erm.....another loaf? No surprises here right?

Anyway, I was clearing my freezer, only to find some pâte fermentée(pre-ferment) sitting, dated one month ago. Since the quantity was not large, I thawed it down to make a small loaf of Pain de Campagne (french rustic bread).

My favourite part of the bread - the crust

Sherie, above is a pic of the yeast.


D said...
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gattina said...

Angie, your bread, again, is a feast to my eye! The crust is so perfect, how could you do that?!! We will "talk" a week or two later *wink*

Angie said...

Hi D, how come you seem to have removed your comment as soon as you post it? Anyway, hope you're enjoying your hols.

Gattina, thanks and c ya! :p

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Angie, you're not only a chiffon cake queen. You;re also a bread queen! *bows* :P

Angie said...

YD, hehe, not queen lah, more like bread addict *LOLz*

^cherie said...

Angie, u are making me crave for bread again *lol* May i know what kind of yeast do u use for all your breads and buns? :)

Gracio said...

bread!!!!!!!!! angie, i'm still amazed at all ur bread bakings! never fail to put a wow in my face everytime i c it! :)

Precious Moments said...

Peifu, so hardworking.

Anonymous said...

Nice bread! wish I could make one, just like yours. Nah! Your pics are more than enough for me :)

tomsbread said...

Hi Angie,

Do you find any difference in flavor and crumb texture for pate fermente' that's a month old.


Rene said...

Hi Angie, Thought that you might be interested in this bread article.

Angie said...

:). I use Fleischmann's Active Dry yeast for my yeast breads.

Thanks, you never fail to put a smile to my face too with your encouragement :)

Edith, thanks!

Anne, thank you too!

Tomsbread, no, there were no difference for the bread made with the one-month-old pâte fermentée, at least not that I can tell.

Rene, thanks for the link, you're a gem!

^cherie said...

Thanks for the info Angie but where can i find them? Seems like the yeast i'm using doesn't do much to the breads and buns i bake.. :(

Next time when you bake bread again, must invite me over to learn! :P

Angie said...

Sherie, no worries :)

I've posted a pic of the yeast. I get mine from Cold Storage at Great World City. The Market Place in Raffles City and Paragon also carry it. It's also available in a pack of 3 envelopes(can't remember how many grams tho).

What yeast are you using? SAF instant yeast?

^cherie said...

Thanks a mil Angie for posting the pic! Good good, now i can go search for the yeast and hopefully my breads and buns will turn out edible. Lol.

I've been using La Brioche from NTUC, comes in a box with a couple of sachets.

Will definitely go into bread making once i get my hands on this ;)