Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cheery Cherry

It's time for Weekend Herb Blogging again. This is one blog event which I love, as we get to learn about various herbs, fruits, vegetables, spices and even flowers. Of course, this event is founded by our lovely Kalyn, don't forget to check out her kitchen!For this week's WHB, hosted by Ed of Tomato, I chose to use some cute red, oval cherry tomatoes.

I'm one who doesn't really like tomatoes, with the exception of cherry tomatoes. I can't explain why, maybe I'm just weird. Anyway, these little fruits make a healthy snack, just wash and pop them into your mouth. But I prefer them slightly cooked, whereby when you bite into them, the skin just gives way to a mouthful of fresh tomato juice. How can you beat that?
This time I made a foccacia, recipe from my best pal and talented food blogger, Gattina. This is the second time I made her potato foccacia, with even better results this time, possibly due to the use of a different type of potatoes. Where are the tomatoes then? As a topping, I mixed tomatoes with some oregano leaves and olive oil and placed them on top.
With such a soft and moist interior, I couldn't resist cutting a big slice for myself as soon as they were cool enough to handle :p
Hmm.. a side note, anyone of you has problems with the spacing in the posts? As you can see, my spacing between the pictures and the next sentence doesn't appear, even though it looks okay when I'm writing the post.


Anne said...

your photos are really if they're actually real. The bread looks so tempting, wish I could try that someday.

About the spacing, I did have problems similar like yours before but ever since they moved out of beta, somehow it cease to happen anymore.

Gattina said...

oh I'm so happy you like this foccacia!!! Yours so porous, your skill is superb!
I used to not care tomato either, now have changed, like it alot in cooking/baking, but still, rarely eat them raw. But the cherry tomatoes sold in here (import from Mexico, more round than yours) if in the peak season are reall sweet, almost like candy :D.
About the spacking problem, I really can't see it in this post, but will come back and look again.

WhItE_PoPlAr said...

Oh Angie, your foccacia looks so yummy! Love it!

Kalyn said...

This sounds delicious. I have a friend who also doesn't really like raw tomatoes. I think people just have different taste buds!

I just got a new whole grain baking book and plan to try making some whole wheat foccacia.

If you want to fix the spacing you can do it by going into html, then putting a break tag everywhere you want to have an empty line. (the tag is the letters br with those half-diamond brackets before and after it, but Blogger will not let me write it here!) I agree it's really annoying the way blogger does not show up the same when you publish as it does when you look at it in preview.

Baking Fiend said...

Hey Angie...

I'm no tomato-lover either. But yr foccacia looks really tempting. Never tried making one before... maybe i shd! :)

sher said...

I think the blog and the pictures look great. I just wish Blogger would't pick on me! I tried to leave a comment earlier and it wouldn't let me! Argh! :):) The foccacia looks wonderful.

Angie said...

Anne, thank you for your kind words :) Er... the food is defintely real, heee..
I got this prob since switching over to 'New Blogger', sigh...

Gattina, thank you my pal! Not my skills good, it's your recipe. Yes yes yes, I like this very much :) I don't usually raw tomato too, except in pasta sauces, and now these mini ones.

Anh, thanks a lot! :)

Kalyn, am looking forward to your wholewheat foccacia, sounds really good.
Thanks for letting me know how to fix the spacing problem. Will go into html to fix it, annoying isn't it?

Ida, thanks. Yes, do check out Gattina's foccacia, it's most yummy. Now I don't eat store-bought foccacia anymore!

Sher, a big thanks for your kind words :p No, Blogger doesn't pick on you only, it irritates me too!

Ed Charles said...

That pop of flavour from cooked cherry toms is great isn't it. Nice idea for a foccacia. Thanks for taking part n Weekend Herb Blogging.

Angie said...

Ed, thanks :)