Sunday, December 17, 2006

Is It Me?

Sometimes I like to have my lunch alone at work. The quiet one hour gives me some time to rest my mind from the work. After finishing my meal, I usually have about half an hour and I would head over to the bookshop to browse at the magazine sections.

Obviously I would be flipping through the food mags, and if I do come across any recipe which is of interest, I would input the recipe into my mobile phone. Of course if there are a few recipes I'd like, I'll buy the mag.

This is what I made from a "Reader recipe" in a magazine I saw recently.

Unfortunately, this recipe for Almond Fingers didn't really turn out well. Although I didn't change the recipe at all, the dough could not hold together at all without adding more flour and ground almonds. As a result, this supposed-to-be-crisp fingers turned out chewy and soft instead.

Don't you find it frustrating when these things happen? I know sometimes the recipe is not to blame, but the 'user' of the recipe instead. But I have also tried some recipes which would not work regardless of how many times I try. Oh well, irritating but c'est la vie(that's life)!


Anonymous said...

Yup, I so know what you mean. I reckon all cookbooks or magazines should test a recipe before publishing it hey.

Precious Moments said...

yah, i know exactly how you feel. Sometime I wonder whether is this the exact recipe that they used when the pictures show those awesome looking goodies.

Anonymous said...

Regardless whether it turned out fine or not, those almonds fingers look really good. It'll be awesome if you can somehow make the recipes right! Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that they'll still taste good even if they're chewy.

gattina said...

I think magazine has a heavy deadline to meet and so recipes ain't always well tested. You're a good baker, I'm sure you'll get it right next round!
I agree with Edith, I was just "fooled" by a pretty magazine... I may post it sometimes later.

Anonymous said...

I know what u mean as well!! I totally hate it when that happens, esp when we so look fwd to the end result and it turns out disappointing :(

Nevertheless, your almond fingers still look delicious! ;)

Anonymous said...


How frustrated it is when the recipe turns out not as expected! That's why I am willing to pay more on books with detailed descriptions and instructions other than those with beautiful pics...

Having said that, your cookies look very nice though! :P

Anonymous said...

I find that recipes other people highly recommend, can sometimes disappoint just because they're wierd and like wierd things, (this obviously has nothing to do with me...) like mincemeat tarts. I don't care who tells me they're amazing, they're really not.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Those look so delicious!

Angie said...

D, Edith,YD, Gattina, Sherie, Anh, looks like we've all been fooled by those glossy magazines at one point or another.

Haha, Brilynn, I love what you said :p

Orchidea, thanks! Too bad they don't taste delicious *LOL*

Anonymous said...

It still look very good leh. Very presentable as gift as well.

Oops just read that you said they don't taste good, too bad lah!

Anonymous said...


Have a beautiful Xmas and Holidays!!!