Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Slow Week

In case you are interested in my lasagna recipe, I've already updated the previous post with the recipe.

I haven't been doing much for the past week. I tried the baguette recipe again last Sunday, but made into a boule, This time round I'm more satisfied with the result as I felt the interior is better.

Also baked a herb & olive foccacia on Wednesday. This recipe is from Giselle of KC. This recipe uses an equal amount of potatoes and flour, producing a very soft and moist foccacia, something very different from the foccacia I've eaten/baked.


Tazz said...

Angie, find that you are a very determined cook/baker. One who keeps trying just to perfect a recipe. Unlike you, Tazz is the direct opposite, very impatient and has short attention span. haha..

Angie said...

Yes, Eve, I can be 'obsessed' at times. Not a good thing coz I'll keep churning out the same thing till I get it right *lol*