Wednesday, April 12, 2006

French, Chocolates and Durian?

In case you're wondering how I am going to combine the three things together, let me tell you actually I am not. It's three separate items which I made.

Madeleines, from what I understand, are French sponge-like cookies baked in a shell-shaped mould. Personally I like these little cakes as they go very well with a cup of coffee and are not too sweet. Sometimes I would just pick them up when I pass by a Delifrance cafe. I've been wanting to bake madeleines for a long time. But to be traditional, I need to use a madeleine tray. I didn't want to buy one since I would be making these only once in a while. It's quite a waste. So I jumped at the opportunity when I knew I could borrow the tray.

This madeleine
recipe is shared by a KC member, Helena. Here are my madeleines, kind of cute isn't it?

I attended a class by Gina on chocolate moulding. It is pretty fun doing these chocolates. Basically we have the chocolate moulds, where we then melt some compund chocolates, pour/paint them into the moulds, pop them into the refrigerator and viola! Shaped chocolates like these:

I remembered some time ago I almost got myself a ice-cream machine as I wanted to make ice cream. Boy am I glad I didn't. Once again, my treasure chest of recipes, KC, has a few ice cream recipes which does not require an ice cream maker. I chose a recipe which did not require any eggs or cream(less sinful) and adapted it to make this Durian Ice Cream. For those who are not familiar with durian, it is a tropical fruit with a thorny outer shell. Inside there are are several 'compartments' housing the seeds covered with a creamy flesh. The thing about durians is that it has a distinctive smell, which some people find it off-putting, while others, like myself, love to bits. Here is my creamy durian ice cream, resting on a huge piece of galette wafer and of course, fresh durian.

Lastly I just want to share with you that for the Orange Blueberry Cupcakes post in my last post, I submitted the recipe to Diana's Desserts. For those who are interested in the recipe, the link is just below


jadepearl said...

I love Madeleines too!!!! Our local version is the kuih bolu, I think! :) Nice job!!!

Anonymous said...

how u get those colours on the chocolates ar? they r chocolate too? - adeline

Angie said...

Jadepearl, yeah, madeleines are westernized kuih bulu *lol*

Adeline, the colored ones are chocolates too, white chocolate with food coloring ;p

Tazz said...

I like the Madeleines from Delifrance Cafe. :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Very nice durian ice cream! Cute chocolate shaped too!

Those madeleines mould is really pricy, got to think twice before buying it.

Angie said...

Ching, precisely. And if not using the mould frequently, quite a waste.

myCoffee said...

Love your madeleines! I don't have a madeleine mould, do you think that they will work in mini tart cases?

Angie said...

Mycoffee, thanks. I believe tart sshould work fine, I want to try using my muffin pan too :)