Friday, December 30, 2005

Meme - You Are What You Eat

I got tagged by Belachan (Little Corner of Mine) for the Meme ‘You Are What You Eat’. As she tagged me just a day after I set up my blog, I had to figure out what a meme is. Now I know, it’s an idea that shared and passed from blog to blog. Well, the top 10 foods on my lists are:

1) Bread – my main source of carbohydrates. I’m a bit strange for an Asian palate, I don’t eat much rice and noodles, but give me bread, particularly european style ones, and I’ll finish them to the last crumb.

2) Cheesecake – my number 1 ‘vice’ for desserts. I just love the smooth, creamy texture as it glides down the throat. Yum!

3) Fruits - can’t do without them, for even one day. Give me a juicy apple or some tangy strawberries anytime. Great for digestion too!

4) Yogurt – great on it’s own, or in smoothies and fruit salads.

5) Fish – baked, grilled or fried. Love them all, especially teriyaki salmon.

6) Edamame beans (green soyabeans) – a great, convenient snack for the hungry afternoons.

7) Barley drink – ‘cooling’ drink that soothes the throat on days when I ate too much ‘heaty’ foods.

8) Cantonese Dim Sum – arrr.. those steaming hot bamboo baskets filled with little sweet or savoury morsels, can’t resist them. Alas, the best dim sum, I feel, are in Hong Kong. So far the ones I’ve eaten in Singapore doesn’t quite match the standards. But then, ‘no prawns, fish also can lah’.

9) Cantonese double boiled soups – simply comforting and nutritious.

10) Mochi Ice Cream – balls of ice cream wrapped within a soft and chewy glutinous rice skin. Easy to eat and yummylicious.

Hmmm… who can I pass the baton to? Seems like most have been tagged already. So.. to..

Zu’ Treats

MyCoffee’s Sweets


Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for completing this assignment. Nice list! :)

Angie said...

My first Meme, must put in more effort. :p