Monday, June 12, 2006

Resuming my 'Work'

Hi all, I just got back yesterday morning. How was your weekend? Mine was simple, since the main reason for going to Ipoh was to visit my in-laws. Our itinerary for the past 3 days were:

Breakfast at 9am, then go mall-shopping,
Lunch at 1pm, followed by rest at home,
Dinner at 7pm, then TV for the night

So it's basically minimal walking(had a car there), moderate eating(the BIG question everyday for 3 times was “Where do we go for breakfast/lunch/dinner?”), plus maximum sitting(down). No baking and no internet. So guess what I did once I reached home? Surfing(the net) and baking these.

One of my KC pals said I can’t stay away from my oven for too long. She’s so right, I’m addicted to baking and was itching to get my trusty oven working again. These rolls are nothing new, it's from a country wholemeal bread recipe I made some time back. I just coated two rolls with oats and the other two were used for my 'slashing' practice as I can't seem to get a decent-looking slash for my previous attempts. This time the slits opened up quite nicely. But I can't be sure if it's because I oiled the razor slightly or it is due to the dough itself (it was not as wet as my previous doughs).

PS: I think one day you all are going to be bored to tears with my posts on breads. Hopefully that day wouldn't come so soon.

Recipe for Country Wholewheat Rolls

Ingredients for sponge
125g bread flour
125g water
8g dry yeast
4g honey

1)Add honey to 3 tbsp of the 125g water , stir to dissolve. Then add in yeast and wait for 5 mins to become frothy. Stir well
2) Mix the yeast mixture with the remaining ingredients and mix to form a sticky(but not wet)dough. There’s no need to knead too much, just ensure the sponge is smooth.
3) Cover and ferment for 1 hour. It should at least triple in size.

Ingredients for main dough
100g bread flour
150g wholemeal flour
110g water
20g sugar
1¼ tsp salt
10g melted butter or canola oil

Egg white for glazing
Wholemeal flour or rolled oats for coating

1)After one hour, give the sponge a gentle stir to release some air.
2)Add in the ingredients for the main dough and knead into a smooth and elastic dough.
3)Round the dough, cover and let rise for 45 mins until double in size.
4)Punch down the dough and into the desired size and shape*.
5)Brush the surface with egg white and coat with wholemeal flour or rolled oats.
6)Place on a lined baking tray, cover with plastic wrap and prove for 30 minutes until double in size.
7)Bake in preheated 190C oven for about 25 mins or until cooked

*For shaping:
The original recipe called for dividing into 2 large boules (balls). This time I made four rolls. Just shape into your desired size/shape but just note that the baking times will differ slightly.


Gattina Cheung said...

How perfect your rolls! I promise, I never ever get bored by your bread!!! Good slash job! last time I did was so chicken, the bread didn't "laugh"...

Anonymous said...

yup, i agree with gattina they looked purrfect! wish i can bake bread like u but i doubt so...havent even tried out my virgin attempt.

looks like "country" life is really not suitable for urbanites like us. i hv the same experience when i go to places eg. camps where there are no internet n comfortable life at home..almost went bonkers. internet is so important for me. its more than just surfing net & checking emails. i'm totally 101% reliant on PC lol.

Unknown said...

Thanks Gattina and Evan :)

Gattina, this is my best slash job so far *lol*

Evan, yup, basically Ipoh is a quiet town. I find it’s more suitable for retirees to rest and relax there. City dwellers like me would find it a bit boring. Nothing wrong with the town itself, just that we’re used to a different lifestyle. Eh, when will I see your bread huh? ;p

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow... Angie, you bread realli looks good... is it very difficult to make? I had not being doing bread for a few years liao.. saw a lot of your posts on bread and they are so nicely done.. really envy you and your family..always got fresh bread to eat.....

Eva said...

Oh, your weekend was very relaxing ah.........
Also, your bread looks really really nice....keep your good job!!!

Unknown said...

Ellena(hope I didn't get your name wrong), thanks for your compliments. Baking breads has become a routine for me, and I enjoy it very much. As for difficulty, some breads are still very challenging, that's why I keep practising ;p

Eva, thanks for your kind words too. Yup, a relaxing weekend of eating and sleeping *lol*

Anonymous said...

angie, hopefully soon ba. i'm always procrastinating lol. the moment i think making bread is so time consuming, my mood will die down half lol. when u first make the dough, u hv to let it rise rite? thats like 30-45 mins. and after u cut, put in the filling etc, u gotta leave it again for another 45 mins? thats like, alot of time wasted. take abt 3 hours on average for the preparation & baking *faints*

Unknown said...

Evan, yuo are right that bread making takes time. That's why I always multi-task. In between the rising times, I'll be doing something else, like preparing meals etc, so it's not so bad after all :)

archana said...

Ohhh, nooo... please go on baking Angie, your baking skills are so impressive that i am actually looking forward to see more of it.

Unknown said...

Hi Archanat, it's great to 'see' you here, thanks for visiting, anf your kind words. I've visited your blog(hopped from Gattina) and you make the most impressive cake deco work! Mine is simple baking, nothing compared to yours.

Tazz said...

Angie, I checked my blog when I saw your comment abt Ellena's name. *lol* So, Ellena is the actual name. Now I get it. Btw, nice bread. Me don't have bread machine, too bad. :(

Cuisine Paradise said...

Hahah... Tazz... so now you get my name rite.... :)

Angie... so is it possible to share you this bread recipe with me... i tot of trying it out..cos it's look so delicious with jam and better.. :)

Hope you don't mind.....

Unknown said...

Eve, thanks for the compliment. No need bread machine lah, electric mixer(those that can knead bread dough) or hand power also can :)

Ellena, I'm glad I got your name correct. I was guessing coz previously it was 'Lena Mummy', then I see it has changed to 'Ellena Mummy' ;)

No prob for the recipe, just give me some time to post it.

Unknown said...

Ellena, I've posted the recipe for the rolls :)