Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Nice to Bake Again

Since it has been some time since I last baked, I thought I might just start with something simple, but my favourite - bread.

This time I made some buns - some filled with tuna and some with kaya(coconut jam). I used this recipe - halved the recipe and got nine buns.

The tuna ones - made with my own 'concoction' of tuna plus cottage cheese plus lots of freshly cracked black pepper :p

The kaya ones were simple, just pop open a bottle of kaya and fill the bun

This Hokkaido Milk bread recipe is very very good, the buns taste as soft as those store-bought ones, but without the bread improvers and preservatives. It's also suitable for both sweet and savoury fillings. This time I used light cream by the brand President. The end result is exactly the same as single cream, but much cheaper.

P.S. Pardon the lousy pictures - it was pretty late by the time these buns were ready for photo-taking, after a busy Sunday....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rock and Roll!

A big thanks to Ida of Baking Fiends, I found that I have bagged an award! The Rockin' Girl Blogger award originated from here, to give us girl bloggers a pat on the back. On my part, I'm going to pass on this award to two of my best blogger pals:

Anh from Food Lover's Journey - for her source of inspiration with wonderful sweets and desserts, and dishes that reflect her heritage

Gattina from Kitchen Unplugged - for her constant encouragement and support throughout my blogging 'life'

Besides this, I've also joined The Foodie Blogroll. There are many wonderful food blogs in this blogroll, shared by foodies who have a passion for food. So, please, visit these sites, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. Better still, join us in this blogroll by simply clicking on The Foodie Blogroll icon on the left of the page. Happy browsing!

I've been busy as hell over the past month or so. Made an overseas work trip to Taipei, followed by a company retreat, and more work back in the office. Did some simple baking over the weekends just to get myself back into the baking mood. Hopefully I'll be able to blog about food soon!