Monday, May 01, 2006

'Labour Day'

Today is Labour Day, a public holiday here. What better day to make something that's time-consuming, but all worth the time and effort?

After seeing Seadragon's Dim Sum Chicken Pies, my hands are itching to make some. I'm also using the recipe from the book 'Chinese Dim Sum in Pictures', which is the same as Seadragon's. But I used all butter for the pastry cases and used smaller fluted moulds. The filling is prepared using a recipe from KC.

These are my Chicken Dim Sum Tartlets.

I really shouldn't have made mini ones, as they are so addictive and I had stop myself from popping them one by one into my mouth. Hubby also couldn't stop eating.

Also made a few items yesterday (should have posted them together in yesterday's post)

A basic tomato sauce which I plan to use for pastas and pizzas. Recipe courtesy of Giselle of KC.

Great as a dip for warm, toasted foccacia.

Grilled a chicken for a simple dinner, using Gina's recipe. Pardon my poor presentation skills on this, though it doesn't look impressive in this picture, the taste is fantastic.

Lastly, a simple pound cake for dessert.


jadepearl said...

Wah, Labour Day also so hardworking!!! Love the Chicken DS Tartlets!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy yummy yummy!!! Wish I can eat the pictures! Hahaha....

Anonymous said...

Hi, i came to your site from Gattina's. Lovely blog! I loved your spiral pastries. I'm going to try making them soon!


SeaDragon said...

Wa, you made them already, very fast hands :) All your other foods look yummy as well.

Unknown said...

Jadepearl, Ching, Saffron Hut, Seadragon, thanks : )

Saffron Hut, thanks for visiting. You have a nice blog too, and beautiful mini mango cheesecakes. Have fun with the spiral pasries ;p

Seadragon, heh, I've been itching to make these since seeing them in your April gallery. Your recipe posting just pushed tipped the scales over : )

Tazz said...

Angie, your Chicken Dim Sum Tartlets look great! Should post the recipe here. I'm sure many are attracted to this.