Saturday, November 18, 2006

Munch Munch

Just realized that I have not been baking breads for quite some time. I think my weekends have been pretty busy since I came back from my short trip. So searching through my recipes, I decided on making Italian Grissini - breadsticks.

This is my second attempt at these breadsticks, the first using a recipe from Ultimate Bread. For this round, it's combining BBA's recipe for Lavash Crackers and UB's techinique to make these crunchy sticks.

A look at the interior, which is slightly chewy due to a longer fermentation time.

These breadsticks are lovely to munch on its own, but I like them with soup. Here I serve the herb-flavoured with the Roasted Pumpkin soup which I made earlier(I froze a few portions).

I also made some mini pleated ones and dotted them with black sesame seeds. Cute eh?


D said...

I love to dip warm breadsticks in whipped butter. The butter melts slightyl and it just becomes this ultra fragrant and aromatic greasy snack haha.

Amrita said...

Hi angie......ur blog is fabulous...i read it all the time and I always check for updates......

Keep the good work up. And do u mind if I link u to my foodblog?

Anonymous said...

I love grissini... my favorite are the classic ones and the ones with olives. Yours look perfect.
What are the black seeds you used?

Anonymous said...

Whenever I run out of bread ideas - your blog is my resource site. Your breads are really awesome.

cupcake fantasies said...

ohhhh! this reminded so much of these yummilious bread stick that I found in one of the airport lounge. Save some for me please.

Anonymous said...

Angie, I simply adore your Italian breadstick! :) My fav! :P

Angie said...

D, you like to make your foods ultra sinful ya? :p

Amrita, thank you! You have a great blog too. Sure, no problem in linking me.

Orchidea, those are black sesame seeds, which adds fragrance to the sticks :)

Anne, thank you for your kind words.

Cupcake Fantasies, sure I'll make a batch for you :)

White_poplar, thanks :)

To the person who has been leaving nonsense comments touting pornography, you know who you are, and I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! If you have so much time, get a job, or better still, GET A LIFE, otherwise you'll be rotting soon.

Angie said...

To all the readers of my blog, what was left on my comments page is so vulgar that they're not something I wish you all to see, hence I will not publish them. It's sad that this person is still dwelling in her nonsense.

Amrita said...

Angie, dont be upset by such idiots who have so much free time. There's been one on my blog too. These people are just very desperate for attention and should be shot XD

Take care

^cherie said...

Oh Angie, if only i have your bread baking skill, then i'm sure to stop making cakes already!

Love your breadsticks! Love it more when it's dipped into olive oil.. Yum!

p.s: Cheer up ya. Just ignore 'her' ;)

Angie said...

Amrita, thanks for your comforting words.

Sherie, oh yes, dip dip into olive oil, delicious! Thank you too!

LittleHands said...

Angie, so yummy yummy!. I also want to 'munch munch' leh *wink*

Baking and Books said...

These look delicious, especially with the olive oil ready for dipping!

Ari (Baking and Books)

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Nice bread sticks! Haha, I still haven't tried baking bread till now, just now sucha bread person. Btw, is there any bread which do not contain wheat?

gattina said...

hey pal!
greeting from Roma!
I really like the back light of the first shot, and it's an attractive angle you took!
Maybe I make pizza (long fermentation type) regularly, so I take a small portion of its dough and turn into bread sticks. Also it's another good way to judge if the oven hot enough for baking pizza. Your bread sticks really look good from inside to outside, chewy type is always my favorite!!! Wait a sec, I thought you saved that power soup for me huh?!?!?! No more left now ;p
Sorry to hear about "her" still getting no life! Anything I can do Angie? Please let me know!

Gracio said...

angie!!! i want some! :) I've been real busy here, tat's why din blog for a while.... pls make some bread for me when im back in sg ya? i wanna bring back dubai to enjoy! ;)

Angie said...

Jolene, Ari, YD, thanks! :)

YD, yes, there are wheat-free bread recipes. But these usually utilizes substitute ingredients which may not be so readily available eg spelt flour, xanthan gum etc. You may be interested to check these sites:

Hope that helps.

Gattina, hey hey, hope you're enjoying yourself :)

Oops, both soup and breads already gone ;p

Don't worry about this faceless person, she is hopeless already.

Grace, hey I was wondering where you disappeared to leh. Busy with work huh? Sure, you can have freshly baked breads when you're back here :)

Anonymous said...

Lovvveee your breadsticks! *munch munch* :)