Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Kitchen

My kitchen is where my ‘experiments’ take place. Are you thinking of coloured solutions, funnels and the Bunsen burner, distant memories of your chemistry classes? Nah, my kitchen is the jewel of my little home.

Here in Singapore, unless you have quite a bit of money in your piggy bank, majority of the population stay in housing estates. These estates consists of tall blocks of flats, commonly about 20 to 40 storeys high(and the newest trend is 50 storeys, imagine if the life breaks down!).

I live in one such flat, and am glad my unit has a slightly larger kitchen. But still, the whole kitchen area is easily visible from the living room.

Below are my 'partners in crime': 1-my oven, 2-microwave, 3-small toaster oven, 4-Kitchenaid mixer

The kitchen also consists of a 'dry' area behind the sink - for laundry. You can see my dryer which is mounted on the wall. Peeking from the bottom right of the pic below is my movable trolley-cum-work surface. That's where I shape my breads, roll out pastries, do all the cutting and chopping etc.

On the right side of the kitchen is the fridge and a small dining table. We chose to place our table in the kitchen, so we have a larger area in the living room.

That's a quick journey through my kitchen. Would you like to show us yours too? Lovely Ilva would be doing a round-up of all the kitchens soon, do check it out here.


Ilva said...

What a neat and nice kitchen you have! I do envy the order, I wish I could be like that!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is very nice Angie! Kinda similar to mine here in Australia... Talking about the big and large kitchen, you have to visit my house in Hanoi. It is even bigger than our living room! *LOL*

Gattina Cheung said...

oh sweet (hehee...), I truely love your kitchen, combining city chic and techno! Red is one of my ideal colors for kitchen, it's just so cheering and appetizing. I seeing some rainbow-color strips along the ceiling, it's lovely too.
I make the dough on a folding table but it shakes a bit, thinking if you have a similar problem on trolley though.
Actally many apartments and houses in here don't have such a big kitchen as yours :D You're very smart on choosing this flat. Wish I could vist you one day, sit by your lovely dining table shaking my leg (hehee), and watch all that magic coming from your skillful hands and the beautiful KitchenAid (and oven of course).

Anonymous said...

Hi. Happy New Year!
Your kitchen is great! You have everything... all my Singaporean friends did not have an oven at home and in my service apartment was also missing, I missed to have an oven when I lived in S'pore.

Anonymous said...

I love the color of your kitchen. Oh you have a big oven! Someday, I hope to have a nice kitchen like yours which I can call my own (we're only renting the flat we're living right now). We still couldn't make up our mind if we want to settle here for good or we might move to another country. Love your kitchen!

Eva said...

Dear Angie,
Your kitchen is so nice, i like your color as well.

Happy New Year!!!

Unknown said...

Ilva, thanks, and thanks for coordinating this event :)

Anh, I would love to see your large kitchen too :)

Gattina, my trolley is quite stable, coz it's stainless steel, and the top is actually a wooden piece, which can be used as a choppig board, so it doesn't really wobble too much.
Thanks for your kind words, my pal. I would love to welcome you into my kitchen, perhaps one day this wish will come true? *wink*

Orchidea, Happy New Year to you too! I guess I'm one who can't do without an oven :p

Anne, thanks. Hope you'll you get your own home really soon.

Eva, Happy New Year! Haven't seen you for some time, hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

Angie, your kitchan is Awesome! So huge!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

You have a very nice looking kitchen. The color scheme remind me of a very familiar flag. The use of red is bold. Its a color I like but did not dare to use when I changed my cabinets recently.

When I bought my KA mixer, I chose red because at that time, they had a very nice looking espresso maker in that color and I thought the pair would look nice in the kitchen. However, I seldom use the KA mixer as I find it underpowered for the amount of dough I use.

The oven looks like an Ariston FZ970. Does it have both convection and standard mode i.e non convection. If so, do you bake your breads in convection mode. My oven has convection mode only but most people remarked that non convection mode for baking bread is better. What's your opinion on this?

I have no pics of my kitchen but parts of it and some of my equipment can be seen in my website


Unknown said...

YD, thanks. It's actually not that big lah, now new flats have got small kitchens. I miss the kitchen in my old flat.

Tomsbread, thanks for your kind words.

Yup, that's Ariston FD97. It has 7 programs, but I use only one mode for baking breads(in fact everything) all the time - the 'Convection Mode'(top plus bottom heating elements). There is a 'Baking mode'(rear heating element and fan), but this uses more energy so I do not usually use that. Hence I'm not able to do a comparison in this.

Your KA mixer looks cool, so is the steam oven.

Anonymous said...

Love the cabinet color. Very bold and strong. Nice. Just wondering. Where do you get that trolley. Very good idea.

Veron said...

I love red in the kitchen , it is said to promote appetite. I like the clean lines of your cabinet too...very contemporary.

Kalyn Denny said...

It's beautiful. I love the red color.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in your kitchen. Sure to brighten up your day, everyday. Clean, contemporary and efficient is the sense I get. Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is young and chic. Your post reminds me of Mumbai my home.

Sally said...

Your cabinets remind me of Piperita's - only red instead of blue! Must be from the same cabinet maker. LOL You kitchen is very spacious and light. Thanks for sharing.