Friday, July 03, 2015

Yo What's Up?

It has been 8 years since I blogged so what have I been up to? Well, making a living to survive. Haha!

I made a career switch last year! From my job(different companies but similar job scope) of almost 12 years, I switched to something that I'm never trained in. So the first thing I had to do was to undergo a year of training, after which I took the certification exam and passed!

The one year of Polestar training was a grueling one, but I'm fortunate enough to land a job in a Pilates studio where I could use the facilities to practice. Many of my course mates had to juggle full time work with training and it's really hard for them.

Well, after one year, all that hard work paid off and now I'm a fully certified Pilates instructor :D. I sacrificed a high pay and fixed working hours for a lower pay and irregular working time now. Is it worth it? Totally! Now I'm able to help others achieve what I have been able to achieve with Pilates. It gives me an immense sense of achievement, which is not something I can get with monetary returns.

What is Pilates you may ask? If you already know what Pilates is about, or wish to find out more, feel free to contact me. I will also be sharing with you in future posts all about Pilates!

Image from the world wide web