Thursday, April 05, 2007

After a Long Hiatus...

..... Here's 'Rocky Road':

Hey there friends, before you think I've disappeared, I thought I better update my posts. Sorry, but I've been really tight up with work, with over-time hours and on some weekends as well. My energy levels are at the lowest by the time I reach home and so as expected, no baking, which equals nothing to blog about.

As the saying goes "Old Habits Die Hard", so here I am with Nigella Lawson's brownies, recipe from How To Be a Domestic Goddess. With brownies, I like mine dark and fudgy, and this fits the bill perfectly. But this recipe, I must say, is not for the faint-hearted. Looking at the amounts of butter, chocolate and sugar is sufficient to clog one's arteries. However, for the rare occasion, cut it into small bites, and these will make a very delish treat.

If you're interested in the recipe, I found it here. I simply scaled down to half the recipe and used a square baking pan. Do adjust the sugar amounts too, depending on the chocolate you use.


Gattina said...

I can take sth sweet but also 'wow' after seeing the amount of sugar :D
Your brownie is really fudge, and beautiful!

zhengning said...

Hey welcome back!

Wow, delicious brownies! I supposed it will taste as good when peanut butter is used?? What do you think?

Anh said...

Beautiful brownie Angie! :D I baked some brownie yesterday, too but it was as fudgy as yours. I am more into cakey brownie. :D

Precious Moments said...

tsk tsk tsk, there goes my waistline EVEN just by looking at these wonderful treats. Angie, I will pick it up from you hor, save some for me. hehehhehe.

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Angie, welcome back! I miss your posts and bakes!
Your brownies look gorgeous! I will definitely try it! I made a batch of brownies for my kids, but it's quite dry...I prefer the fudgy kind ;)

Anne said...

wow! they look absolutely sinful and tempting :)

Angie said...

Sweet sweet Gattina *wink*,

Yeah, I think I can get a toothache just by looking at the sugar amt :p

Zhengning, thanks for your warm welcome :). Wow, you sure want to turn this into an even more 'sinful' brownie. But seriuosly, I think peanut butter may make this overly rich and too 'je-lat'.

Anh, seems like we really have 'telepathy' :p

Hahaha, Edith, after your frantic house-moving and settling in, it won't hurt to put on a bit of weight, hee..

Happy Homebaker, thanks a lot! *high five* for fudgy brownies :)

Anne, sinful is absolutely the correct word to descibe these.

Ellena Mummy said...

Halo Angie,

Welcome back, aiyo.. i everyday also check your post waiting for new goodies leh..wait until i neck long long :)

Wow.. finally u are back with this gorgeous treat...aiyo.. realli make me bites the screen.... lolz

^cherie said...

Angie! Finally, u're back!

Been missing you leh :P

Wow, this brownie is definitely for peeps like me. Lol.. i love everything heavy but *ahem* not for the time being. Watching the never-shrinking-waistline. Heh.

Amanda said...

Those look like pure fudge - delicious! Besides, brownies' are meant to be indulgent!