Sunday, September 10, 2006

Healthy Grains

Whenever I go 'super-marketing', I usually like to leave hubby at home. The reason being it simply gives me more freedom to 'scrutinize' the shelves for new items, without having a 'stalker'(aka hubby) behind me. I also like to read the contents of the product packaging for its nutritional information and ingredient list. Especially when I buy biscuits and cookies, I make sure I avoid any with the words hydrogenated oils, shortening, margarine and trans fats.

Shortening is a kind of semi-solid fat made by hydrogenation of animal fats, or more commonly vegetables oils. It is widely used in a variety of baked goods, but it is actually not so good for the body. For more on trans fats and shortening, see here.

So here I am, making some crisp savoury crackers without the use of shortening to get a crispy and light texture. Furthermore, this recipe, shared by a good friend in KC, uses wholewheat flour into it. Just what I need to incorporate more whole grains into my diet.

Two of my favourite flavours, sesame and mixed herbs.

I had some with brie cheese too, making it a doubly delicious snack.


Gracio said...

haha, me same here too!lurve to linger at supermkt myself, more peace,more freedom,no naggings.can hang around as long as I like. :)

Eh angie,maybe when Im bac, we can hang around the ntuc near our place together! ;)

diddy said...

this looks so delicious! you have quite a lucky husband to eat your food!

Angie said...

Grace, sure, we'll make a 'date' ;p

Diddy, thanks!

Ellena Mummy said...

Wow.. angie.. so u live in the north side also huh.. Then can include me in u and grace shopping trip in the supermarket anot.. i also north side de la... :)

Your this new creation really look yummy le... is it possible to share the recipe with me.. if u don't mind can email me... :)

Angie said...


Hmm.. I would say my place is more central-west than north(Queenstown). How come you thought I live in the north? But going shopping together is always welcome ;p

It's not my creation though, a KC member postd this. Let me ask her regarding the recipe, since I got it from her. But it shouldn't be a problem. I'll email you once I get the okay from her. If you are like me who likes to munch (but can't always munch on the sinful chips), these crackers should do the trick :-).

gattina said...

oh Angie, te photos are wonderful! Tell can you've already have an idea on better lighting.
Btw, what it's called in KC? I must have missed it.

Ellena Mummy said...

Thanks Angie.... hope she can share this recipe with me :) Yup! I love to munch on those tibits.. i love i love...lolz.

Angie said...


Thanks for the encouragement, I've been trying to pick up photography tips from wonderful food photographers like you ;p. But still a long way to go.

It's Cwl's Flaxseed Wheat Crackers, posted under 'C is for Cookie'.

Ellena, I'm sure she'll will. Don't we all like to munch? ;p

mandira said...

wow, this looks great. Crispy snacks without the shortening! Definitely on my to try list.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh man, this crackers look so good! What a good and healthy munch! I like! :)

Angie said...

Mandira, thanks for your visit.

Ching, I like them too :)